Gianluigi Botton


Contact Information

Phone: (905) 525-9140 ex 24767
Office: ABB 429

Professor Materials Science and Engineering

B.Eng.Physics (Ecole Polytechnique Montreal)
Ph.D. Metallurgy and Materials Engineering (Ecole Polytechnique Montreal)
Res. Ass. Materials Science and Metallurgy (University of Cambridge)
Visiting professor at Technical University Delft (Holland)

Research Areas Include:

  • Microscopy of nanostructured materials
  • Transmission electron microscopy
  • Electron energy-loss spectroscopy
  • Structure-properties in nanoscale materials

A detailed description of the research interests can befound on the Community of Science website.

Research group: NEW WEBSITE

Microscopy of Nanoscale Materials Research Group Website.

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Associated institutes:

Canadian Centre for Electron Microscopy
Brockhouse Institute of Materials Research
National Centre of High Resolution Electron Microscopy