Safety Policy

occupational-safetyDepartment Safety Reports:

This Department requires all those involved with experimental research to file annually with the Lab Manager an up-to-date Safety Report. Before you commence any new experimental project, you must prepare a safety report. Forms are available below. Failure to file a Safety Report may result in Laboratory privileges being revoked.

Please see the list of available Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for general Departmental equipment that you would like to use.

The purpose of this report is to make you think carefully about all aspects of your planned experimental work, and how safe they are. We have had a number of incidents over the past few years which arose due to carelessness or ignorance.

This would include these general hazards:

  • radiation hazards, electrical hazards, toxic materials, fire hazards and chemical hazards

In your report you must briefly outline your experimental procedures, so that the reader can assess the hazards. You must then outline the particular hazards for your experiments. Please consult the MSDS hazard sheets.  for the various chemicals you may need to use in your experiments. You must discuss the safety report with your supervisor and have him sign it. If your experimental program changes, you must revise your safety report.

Completed Safety Reports are filed by the Laboratory Manager, Ed McCaffery . Contact Ed if you believe there is any question concerning the status of your own Safety Report.

How to Write a Department Safety Report

Cover Page for Safety Report

Standard Operating Procedures SOP

WHMIS Training & Site-Specific Training

Safety Guidelines

Incident Reports

After-hours Safety

Housekeeping and the Condition of Laboratories

Reporting Problems

Please report all problems with safety, security and working conditions to the Chair or to the departmental safety officer as soon as they arise. Remember, safety is a communal responsibility and we all need to take every precaution possible. A Formal “Incident Report” is required for all but the very minor occurrences. An opportunity to share Safety concerns is provided at the weekly Departmental meetings, held through the major part of the year, from September to June.

Annual “Clean-Up Day”

Each April the Department declares a “clean-up day”, on which all researchers are expected to devote their energy to cleaning up and clearing out their laboratories. The Technical staff assist with disposal of unwanted equipment, chemicals and the like, and the laboratories are restored to a sense of order. The cooperation of everyone is expected on this day.