Seminars and Meetings

McMaster MSE Department holds a rich selection of research seminars and meetings through the year.

Weekly Department Meeting/Graduate Seminar
The Department holds a weekly meeting, which incorporates the Graduate Seminar, featuring oral presentations by registered graduate students (in MATLS 701,702) and by visitors and fulltime researchers.

Research Seminars
There are regular seminar series organized both by the department and the Brockhouse Institute for Materials Research. Attendance at the Departmental series by graduate students is compulsory. They represent a valuable method of broadening your scientific experience and a method of communicating with distinguished workers in new areas of materials science and engineering. Usually seminar speakers spend a day in the department and students are encouraged and welcome to discuss their work with the visitors.

Other Local Events
A number of meetings or workshops are organized locally by professional societies.   Details of these are posted on bulletin boards outside the departmental office, distributed by e-mail, and posted on various Calendars. Graduate students should try and attend these and meet research workers and others from local industry in order to increase their knowledge of the practical aspects of the materials industries.

Group Seminars
Finally, many research groups hold informal seminars, given by graduate students and others. Topics may be posted. Anyone should feel free to attend seminars which interest them in other research groups. This is a valuable form of interaction within the department.