Research Areas

Research Groups and Centres
A traditional strength of the Department of Materials Science and Engineering is its research excellence.   All faculty members are world renown in their respective fields of study and each enjoys a significant number of research grants from government and industry, providing an excellent milieu for productive graduate research.   In addition, the department boasts a network of academic institutes that provide stimulating interdisciplinary research opportunities, such as the Canadian Centre for Electron Microscopy, the Brockhouse Institute for Materials Research, the Centre for Automotive Materials and Corrosion, and the Steel Research Centre.   Below is a concise list of research interests of the faculty.
Materials for Energy Applications
Materials Processing & Recycling
Nano-technology & Nano-scale Materials Science
Electronic Materials
Structural Materials
  • Dr. Kish
  • Dr. Malakhov
    Dr. Niewczas
  • Dr. Purdy
  • Dr. Subramanian
  • Dr. Wilkinson
  • Dr. Zurob
Computational Materials Science
  • Dr. Hoyt
  • Dr. Rubel
Environmental Degradation and Corrosion
  • Dr. Kish
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