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David Wilkinson

Provost & Vice President, Academic, Distinguished University Professor B.A.Sc. (Toronto), Ph.D. (Cambridge, U.K.), FRSC, FCAE, FCIM, FACerS, P.Eng.
Phone: (905)525-9140, 24301 Website: Provost & Vice President, Academic
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Research Areas Include:
Two projects are concerned with a fundamental study of ductile fracture mechanics including the process of void growth and linkage. In order to eliminate the stochastic nature of fracture, a series of 2D and 3D model materials with artificial holes are fabricated using picosecond laser drilling followed by subsequent diffusion bonding treatments. The processes are visualized by deforming the model material in uniaxial tension under microscopy (in-situ scanning electron microscopy) and are also captured using in-situ x-ray computed tomography (XCT). In one project, we focus on pure Magnesium metals. Our research aims to understand the ductile fracture mechanics in HCP metals with low crystallographic symmetry and strong anisotropic mechanical properties. The effects of distinct deformation microstructure, such as mechanical twins and shear bands as well as texture evolution are particularly investigated by means of electron backscattered diffraction (EBSD). The second project is associated with the effects of void alignment on the process of void growth and linkage in FCC metals including pure Copper and its alloys. The experimental results are used to aid in the development of the existing fracture models.
The fracture mechanisms in commercial magnesium alloys (AZ31) under uniaxial tension at room temperature are investigated. The purpose of this project is to understand the influence of various microstructure features and initial texture on the fracture properties and mechanisms.
“Mass Transport in Solids and Fluids”, David S. Wilkinson, Cambridge University Press, 2000
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